Connected Healthcare

With a shared vision on connected healthcare, Better Sense has been partnering with Quantex, a leading single-use, recyclable pump technology provider in the UK, and  Sensirion, a leading manufacturer of environmental and medical sensors in Switzerland, to create an innovative ambulatory drug delivery IoT platform. The aim is to transform infusion therapy for safe and convenient home or ambulatory use with IoT powered remote monitoring. An initial prototype was demonstrated at PODD 2018 conference in Boston, US,  which received great interest from global Pharma companies. Further, a more matured reference platform was developed and demoed in Medica 2019 in Dusseldorf Germany, and MD&M West 2019 in Anaheim USA.

System Brief

Better Sense‘s connected healthcare system is intended for remote care use case, based on IoT paradigm, and will continue to be enhanced by AI and Blockchain technologies where necessary.

System diagram *
System Diagram *

Infusion Dashboard

Other Related Products

Bluetooth Flow Meter

  • V1 released on Feb 2018
  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • IoT Cloud (AWS based)
  • Remote Care Dashboard (Web App)
  • Integratable with ambulatory infusion pumps via Bluetooth
Bluetooth Flow Meter

* Some of the modules in the system diagram are on the roadmap.