Smart ColdChain

To help preserve the quality of perishable food and flowers and healthcare products like vaccines, Better Sense has been innovating on Cold Chain logistic solutions. We recognize the importance of an industry-wide collaboration, including producers, retailers, distributors, cargo companies, and QA specialists. Better Sense’s contribution is on sensor device selection/design, cloud tracking, and system integration.

“Summer is the most sensitive season for our cold rooms. One day, my CEO came to me asking if the temperature sensor alarms were mistaken?! No, in fact there was a serious AC malfunction! Thanks to Better Sense’s support for my monitoring initiative, it was found early, which otherwise could have led to a damage claim of 25,000!

Pantelis Mouzakis, Technical Manager at Xpol BV, a global fresh supply chain provider of flowers and plants

System Brief

Better Sense’s smart cold chain system tracks the temperature exposure of products such as food and flowers from farm to shelf, based on IoT paradigm, and will continue to be enhanced by AI for quality forecast and Blockchain(Hyperledger) technology for traceability.

System Diagram


  • Temperature monitoring range and interval configuration (MVP)
  • Measurement Graph (MVP)
  • Alert Summary in terms of out-of-range time and accumulated ‘degree-hours’ (MVP)
  • AI QC Assistant on shelf-life impact forecast
  • Route Map showing sensor tracking status and alerts
  • Blockchain Traceability of measurement and process for auditing

Demo App

We have released a minimal viable product (MVP), running in a pilot project with an international perishable food and flower distributor in the Netherlands, who connects the farmers in Africa with some major supermarket chains in Europe.