Sustainable Agriculture

When Thunberg’s exclamation “How dare you!” at 2019 UN Climate Action Summit continues echoing across the world, Better Sense enthusiastically innovates in green tech, particularly autonomous AI greenhouse, to act on the climate crisis.


In July to Sept 2019, we (team Amazona) had the privilege to participate in one of the highest level of AI greenhouse competitions, organized by Wageningen University & Research and Tencent.

We formed a cross disciplinary team of greenhouse growers, plant modelers, AI/data scientists and IoT experts. During the challenge, we explored multiple AI methodologies such as reinforcement learning and professional plant models to make an intelligent greenhouse control system for advanced greenhouses (Dutch Venlo type).

At the final hackathon on Sep 12, we had the honor to compete with some big names in the industry and academia, and delivered solid result. Well done team Amazona! Hopefully, with such projects we can contribute to the sustainable agriculture, and in particular saving the rain forests like Amazon (after which our team was named) from land grabbing.

Following the project, we continued innovating in the urban/Vertical Farming sector. Our focus has been on the AI-enabled plant nutrition-dosing management, to create an enabling technology for sustainable farming to reduce fertilizer use and ease the adoption of organic fertilizers, which are increasingly produced by the circular economy.